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Montra Latrice

I just finished reading Unthinkable and for those who may think it's just another ``Self Help, You Can do it`` motivational... You may want to reconsider that thought. It's an excellent read with a personal touch by using the stories of the Bible and applying it to our everyday lives. This may sound familiar but it has a spiritual overlay with purpose and direction. Chapter's 8,9 &10 are my favorite and the most thought provoking. This book can change or transform your way of thinking about life (if you let it) and opens the door to unlimited possibilities. You decide.

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Pastor Mia's book, ``Unthinkable``, is refreshing, relatable, inspiring, an easy read with FANTASTIC analogies! What I enjoyed most was Mia's ability to show her own vulnerability while always reminding us(the readers) that we can overcome the most challenging seasons in our lives with the Word and Help of God! This is a MUST read for all women who are seeking change in their lives.
It's not 'preachy or superficial'. Just like, Mia K. Wright, it's 'real','obtainable' and can bring about 'a metamorphosis' in every readers life! It's also the perfect gift that I WILL be giving to my girlfriends who 'break the rules' and know that God has a special plan for their lives!