New Book “UNTHINKABLE” Encourages us to Push Beyond  Self-Imposed Limits to Achieve Life-Changing Results

Mary should have been in the kitchen with Martha, but she sat at the feet of Jesus. When Naomi commanded her daughters-in-law to go back home, Ruth vowed to stay with her and thus played a central role in God’s plan to bring Jesus into the world. These stories inspired Mia K. Wright to overcome her personal odds and establish a new paradigm for her life. Studying the Bible, she recognized a pattern; the people who experienced the extraordinary did unordinary things. They pushed past the limitations and rules placed upon them by society, culture, and themselves.

Wright challenges you to break out of the mold and join hands with the One whose dreams are bigger than you think.

“Mia challenges us to understand that although we may view ourselves as ordinary, God’s view is quite different. She encourages us to do the unthinkable and walk outside the boundaries of ordinary and join hands with our Creator to do the extraordinary.” – Joni Lamb, Daystar Television Network

“UNTHINKABLE is a powerful tool that will move you to action. Sometimes, we need a push in the right direction to assure completion of the tasks at hand. You owe it to yourself to finish UNTHINKABLE so that your Voice can echo in your life. Allow Pastor Mia to take you on this prolific journey of what is actually thinkable.”  -Yolanda Adams, Grammy Award Gospel Artist