This morning I received one of the absolute best Mother’s Day gifts ever. It made me smile and made me really happy. I felt that my maternal actions were of a great value. It wasn’t the financial cost of the gift that mattered, in fact the gift probably didn’t cost the giver much in terms of money. It wasn’t an expensive bottle of perfume, or a pricey piece of jewelry. While those gifts are nice to receive, this was so much more valuable.

What was the gift you ask? A handwritten card with words from the heart. Words precious and priceless to say not only “I love you,” but thank you for touching my life. It had a cost. The cost of time, thought, feeling, emotions, and effort. Those were far more important to me than spending money.

When I was in middle school, I had a number of issues that caused me to act out in a manner that made parenting difficult for my mother. Some would say I was a behavioral problem, others would say I was just bad and headed for self destruction. At my very worst, there was one teacher, Ms. Lydia West who saw a different person. She saw potential. A friend recently said these words, “We all need people in our lives who see us as God sees us.” Ms. West was that person for me. I know for certain that my life is different than where I was headed because of her positive influence on my life. As a woman who has “been there” and now a woman of influence, it’s important for me to look for opportunities to pass along the gift Ms. West gave me — belief in me.

My gift was a card from Taylor, a high school student who struggled much like me. I could so clearly see myself in her. When her mother would tell me to talk to her because she was so bad, or she was getting bad grades or conduct scores, I saw something different. I saw a beautiful girl with purpose and potential. I began to pray for her and speak positive things into her life and her mothers. Today, this young lady is a leader in school and church, she will go to college, and she will succeed in life. Her handwritten card to me reflected maturity, confidence, and the graciousness that I relate so well with because someone believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak and pray with a young lady facing a financial storm. Her biggest pain wasn’t that her bills couldn’t be paid, but rather that she couldn’t purchase a gift for her mother on Mother’s Day. I encouraged her to write her mother a love note letting her know how important her mom is to her. She said she would, I hope she did.

Allow me to encourage you with this, there is no better gift than the gift of YOU. It’s often hard to buy a gift for someone else. We question ourselves if they will like it, use it, do they already have this? As a mother, and one often called “who has everything,” I can promise you this, there is no greater gift than knowing your labor of love with your children and others has made a difference. Today, pen your mother a love note. Even if she has passed on, you will feel good writing a love letter to her. If she is alive, she will cherish it forever. It will be truly a meaningful gif!

Have the best Mother’s Day EVER!
Love Mia
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Mia Wright

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