Why is Change Important?

Mia Wright with Danielle Hester for Loop21.com

When is the last time you’ve challenged yourself? Took a risk? Or, even deviated from your normal routine? If you’ve been complacent with happenings around you maybe it’s time for a change. Awe, there’s that word again. Mia often talks about change being a natural part of life. When things around us shift, it can often transform you into a new being, but only if you learn to embrace the circumstance. How you handle what’s going on around you is important. For the next several weeks, Mia will do a series on the ways in which we can learn to embrace life transitions effectively, and what areas are imperative for change to occur in our daily lives. This week, Loop21’s Danielle Hester asked: Why is learning to change important?

Mia: Change is important because it affects and impacts all of us at some point and time in life. If we do not experience different things, then we become stagnant and will not grow in our everyday lives.  It becomes very important to recognize when there is a need for change. When our lives plateau or we recognize that there is a need to improve in some way, then we need to take the necessary steps to make us happy and satisfied. While it is important to learn how to handle different situations, there are many times where we don’t necessarily desire change. There are times when we have no control over what is happening in our lives. Then, there are other times when we become the thought leader or the force driving that change. We have to look at our circumstances, we have to look at our lives, we have to look at the events surrounding us, and ask ourselves what will be our response? How can I take a proactive approach to this situation?

For example, if there is someone seeking a job transition, they’re probably in a career right now doing the same thing they’ve been doing for quite a long time. Though they’re very good at their job, they’ve become complacent, and it doesn’t challenge them anymore. They desire to do more, to do something different. That is when they have to begin to say, ‘how do I take these skill sets that I’ve developed and begin to change what it is I’m doing?’

Often times, in our spiritual lives it becomes very important to embrace the unfamiliar, because we’re constantly changing in the sense of growing and recognizing and understanding who God is. I often say to people, ‘If God didn’t allow us to go through difficult and challenging times, we would not know that he is able to bring us through it.’ God will take us to it and then he will bring us through it. The bottom line is, change is important because as humans we are constantly evolving. In our circumstances, in our world around us, people are constantly transitioning from one thing to the next. If we do not recognize the need for change, then we find ourselves not doing the things that are necessary to grow and improve.


Mia Wright

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