“When we are free, we are given the power to choose”

As we approach Independence Day, I am intrigued by the thought of freedom. I live in Texas and we recently celebrated “Juneteenth.” For those unfamiliar with this holiday, it is a state holiday noted as the day that slaves in Texas were set free. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed January 1, 1863, giving notice that slavery in America had ended. However, it took a year and a half for the word to reach Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865. I can only imagine the paradigm shift for those who had been enslaved. An amazing transformation had occurred; they once belonged to someone else, now they belonged to themselves. These men and women were suddenly free. In an instant, their lives completely changed.

There is an incredible power that accompanies freedom. When we are free, we are given the power to choose. Our American forefathers came to this country with the hopes of pursing freedom of religion, life and liberty. Our enslaved forefathers were suddenly given the freedom that they desired and they choose to make better lives for themselves. Today, every American benefits because of this freedom. We live in a time that we are given the liberty and power to choose.

Life is full of choices. I am often guilty of telling others, “Give me options.” I recognize that when I am given a choice, I am empowered. It is my choice to react a certain way when confronted with issues that I prefer not to address. It is my choice to allow opportunities to pass by or to make necessary moves to grasp the chance. It is my choice to do something different or stick to the same routine. I have been given the freedom of choice, in essence the power to choose. When I choose something different, I set in motion a chain of events that will impact my life in some way great or small.

We have the freedom to make a choice. I choose to live life to its fullest potential. I want to be enthralled with life; I want to laugh, be happy, and to make life better for others. Given the options, what will you choose?

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Galatians 5:1a The Message

Read next week on what happens when we exercise our freedom to choose.

Mia Knight Wright resides in Houston, Texas with her husband (Pastor Remus Wright) of more than 22 years, and three sons. She is Co-Pastor and Director of Ministry at The Fountain of Praise and the Executive Director of “Metamorphosis.” She serves as a regular television host on Houston’s “Joy in Our Town” and “Praise the Lord” on TBN – the Trinity Broadcast Network.

Mia Wright

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